Opinion: Why Not Synchro?

Abbey Toothe, Staff

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The Olympic Games are rapidly approaching and will be in Pyeong Chang soon after the start of the new year. With all the talk of the Winter Games many people begin to watch and think about their favorite winter sports. Synchronized skating is a form of skating that has swept the ice skating world and has stolen the hearts of many skaters, young and old. This sport consists of 8 to 20 skaters doing a program and competing in competitions at all different levels and at all different ages. Synchronized skaters compete at the national and international level. However, this sport is still not included in the Winter Olympics, which has stirred up quite a bit of controversy in the ice skating world.

It is said that there are many reasons why this beloved sport is not in the Winter Olympics, however the arguments don’t make much sense. One of the reasons being that some people find it boring. It’s kind of funny because people used to say the exact same thing about ice dancing, which seems to be one of the most popular forms of ice skating now. Also, even if some people do find it boring that should not be a factor in choosing Olympic sports.

Some people also state that it is not athletic enough or not as athletic as other forms of skating. However, it’s the exact opposite. In a synchro program you can never simplify, skip, or downgrade an element because you feel like you won’t be able to execute it; everyone must stay synchronized and do the same elements to receive maximum points. Also, synchro includes different programs that have different skills, they include almost every other form of skating. From jumps, to spins, to lifts, to dance patterns, synchro combines all disciplines of skating and then adds 8 to 20 people.

The biggest reason it is not an Olympic sport is that the Olympics don’t feel like paying for travel for all the skaters, but don’t they pay for synchronized swimming teams? Budget should not be the thing that keeps synchro from its Olympic dreams. When someone joins synchro they can skate for life and be part of a team no other type of skating offers. A synchronized skater from Chesapeake Synchro, a competitive skating team that’s home rink is located in Maryland, states when being asked what synchro being in the Olympics would mean to her, “It would promote the aspect of team Olympic sports, giving more people the opportunity to enjoy a family atmosphere. It brings people from all over your country to work together to achieve a common goal while also becoming a close family.”

If you ask almost any synchro skater they will say it is like no other sport, it allows for them do the sport they love, ice skating, while making lifelong friendships. Overcoming hardships and conquering goals with a team of people who will back you up 100% is the greatest feeling in the world. Knowing that someday these skaters might get to see people compete the sport they fell in love with in the Olympics would mean the world to so many skaters and fans out there. All in all, synchronized skating should be counted as an Olympic sport. So Why Not Synchro 2022?

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