Men’s Basketball: Four Steps for Success

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With basketball season beginning, members of the Warrior community are wondering how the men’s basketball team can replicate their success from the 2016-17 season. Below are the listed four main things needed to accomplish getting past regionals this season. The top four things listed are the following :

  1. Better free throw percentage from the power forwards and centers. Forward and Center Caprice Butler said, “Working hard and a lot of cardio is what is needed to get better free throw percentages out of all of us. We will use the running as punishment and we will see that us running will make us not want to run anymore.” Newly acquired Forward and Center Ishawn Bryant added, “We need to come as a team and take practice serious. When going over free throws in practice we need to treat them like games. Practice makes perfect.”
  2. More scoring as a team. Returning forward and guard Jordan White was asked on his thoughts of how teamwork will be a success for this upcoming season. White said,”There will be more people with a good mindset and more people will be happy. There will be more people scoring then just one”. Also having less foul trouble and turnovers as a team was a problem last year. Jordan White also wanted to add, “less foul trouble and turnovers will help the team overall also, more work that is put in practice will be shown on the scoreboard and stats with less turnovers”. Forward and Center Caprice Butler also commented on scoring and playing as a team, “We are going to come as a team, do everything as a team and all be on the same page and just get through the struggles and really put in work”.
  3. How will the Kenny Sumpter role going to be filled? Kenny Sumpter has led the basketball team the past 2 years in scoring and just overall play. Jordan White commented, “It’s not really who’s going to be taking over his spot, it’s going to be team basketball that will fill that major hole missing.” Jordan White replied.
  4. Get past Joppa again. Caprice Butler said the key was getting past Joppatowne again to make it to the regional finals. He said, “As a team we have a lot better guards then them. I know we can do it.”

With these top four things being accomplished the Havre de Grace Warriors Varsity basketball team will surely accomplish making past the regional final game and yet again, beat Joppatowne.

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