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5 Things You Need to Nnow about the London Attack

Katie Klisavage, Staff

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The London Attack took place on Wednesday March 22nd at 14:40 GMT, five people were killed during this attack. These are five things you need to know about the attack.

1. The perpetrator of this attack has been identified by police to be 52 year old Khalid Masood. Masood carried out this attack by renting a car and driving over the Westminster bridge, where he began hitting pedestrians haphazardly. Two people were killed during this part of the attack and one later died in the hospital. After Crashing the car Masood exited his car armed with a knife where he stabbed and killed PC Keith Palmer. Masood was then shot dead by armed officers.

2. Five people died during the London attack, including the attacker himself. Aysha Frade, a British national and U.S. tourist Kurt Cochran were killed at the scene after being hit. Leslie Rhodes from Clapham South London died the next day in a hospital from his injuries during the attack. Unarmed police officer Keith Palmer was stabbed and killed by Masood, who was shot and killed shortly after. The death total for this attack is 5 people and dozens of other pedestrians were killed.

3. At this point in time not much is known about the attacker Khalid Masood. Masood was 52 and believed to be living in the West Midlands. As a child Masood was known as Adrian Russell Ajao, the name of his stepfather. He changed his name to Khalid Masood after converting to Islam. Masood did have a criminal past but his last conviction was in 2003 for possessing a knife. Masood had never been convicted of a terrorist related event.

4. At least 50 people from a total of twelve countries were injured during the attack, 31 of these victims required hospital treatment. Two people from this attack remain in critical condition and one of them has life threatening injuries. Victims ranged in various ages and nationalities, a seemingly random group of individuals in the wrong place at the wrong time.

5. There is still an ongoing police investigation and arrests have neem made in link with this attack. Eleven people have been arrested and several addresses have been raided in connection with this attack. Over 2700 items have been seized in the search including computer date. This was the worst terror attack in the UK in 12 years. In response to this attack the current number of armed officers is doubled and the UK’s terror threat level has been set to severe which means another attack could be highly likely.

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5 Things You Need to Nnow about the London Attack