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Warriors Discuss: Blue Brand is Best

Patrick Hauf (Red) and Josh Casazza (Blue) representing their brands each backed in their article discussing which WWE brand is the best. Patrick takes the pose of The Undertaker and Josh adopts a pose as The Miz.

Patrick Hauf (Red) and Josh Casazza (Blue) representing their brands each backed in their article discussing which WWE brand is the best. Patrick takes the pose of The Undertaker and Josh adopts a pose as The Miz.

Patrick Hauf (Red) and Josh Casazza (Blue) representing their brands each backed in their article discussing which WWE brand is the best. Patrick takes the pose of The Undertaker and Josh adopts a pose as The Miz.

Josh Casazza, Staff

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This article is a part of a series of articles, “Warriors Discuss” in which Warrior Journalists take opposing viewpoints on current issues. To see Patrick’s opposing view, click here.

On July 19 2016, WWE officially did their very own “Draft” separating their entire locker room into two separate brands. Monday Night Raw and Smackdown Live were officially back at war with each other for the first time since 2011. The split was something that fans had been begging for and after almost five years, WWE delivered.

WWE chairman and CEO Vince McMahon wanted the brands to go head to head for ratings and compete with each other on a week to week basis. McMahon announced that Raw would be led by his daughter Stephanie McMahon and Smackdown Live would be run by his son Shane McMahon.

Shane and Stephanie appointed their own General Managers on their individual shows, Shane appointed former World Champion Daniel Bryan who is beloved by the entire WWE universe. Stephanie choose hardcore legend Mick Foley to help her run the longest weekly episodic television show in history.

Smackdown Live is clearly the better show out of the two. Raw has disappointed week to week and fans are starting to get very upset. Smackdown Live proved that point when they beat Raw in tv ratings for the first time ever at the end of the year last year. With Superstars like AJ Styles, John Cena, Miz, and many more continuing to succeed since the brand split.

Fast forward to the start of March in 2017 and Smackdown live continues to do well. They may not have beat Raw in the ratings since but their product quality is way better than Raw’s. Problems with Raw are as follows; Raw is three hours long while Smackdown is only two, since Raw is three hours they find themselves doing “filler” matches which is when the match is pointless and does nothing for either wrestler involved. Another huge issue is that Raw continues to use the same 3 or 4 superstars in their main event picture, Roman Reigns, Kevin Owens (champion), and Seth Rollins. Owens is great in the ring and on the mic but rather than being booked as a dominant champion, he’s been a cheating wimp. Sure he’s still champion but his title run has been nothing more than okay.

Roman Reigns is someone that is beloved by children and hated by any real wrestling fan. Roman has some good in ring skill sure, but he’s been booked to be this big hero and the fans can’t stand him. He’s bland and cannot speak on the mic in any way. Rather than get better he’s only gotten worse as has the fans hatred.

Not only is he on Raw every week but it seems like nobody can beat him. He is this unstoppable force when all we want is for him to stay down and take a beating for once. At the Royal Rumble this year Roman faced Owens for the Universal Championship and lost. Rather than that end his night, Reigns entered the Royal Rumble match and was final two.

Almost never does someone in a major title match enter the Royal Rumble later that night. However, an exception was made for Roman and he ended up eliminating on of the best and most beloved wrestlers ever, the Undertaker.

Now we are only a month away from Wrestlemania 33 and it looks like one of the most hated wrestlers in WWE will take on and possibly beat the Undertaker. Fans like myself cannot stand seeing Roman dominating his opponents and Raw is hard to watch when he comes on.

Smackdown live has been the complete opposite, rather than use just a handful of superstars in their main event picture, the blue brand has used guys in the main event seen that never got a chance to shine before. Bray Wyatt the current champion is looked at as a superstar who had all the potential in the world, but was always overlooked by old part timers like Raw’s new champion Goldberg.

If that hasn’t convinced that Smackdown is the superior show just look at the Raw ppv Fastlane that took place last night. It was a 3 hour long, boring, weird, and annoying show which was kicked off with a solid match between Samoa Joe and Sammi Zayn.

Both men are good wrestlers and the match was fine no complaints there. Then it all went downhill from that point on, next Enzo and Cass faced the Club for the Tag Team titles, it was an ok match but both teams have been built so poorly that it was hard to get invested in it.

Next up was Sasha Banks against Nia Jax, Sasha won in a match that there was no need for, no excitement in this match at all and Nia lost which was the wrong choice.

Then what could have possibly been the stupidest thing WWE has ever done happened. Rusev and Jinder Mahal have been the most annoying team possible and not in a good heel way. Jinder is an all-around bad wrestler and Rusev deserves much better than how he’s been treated. First, Cesaro came out and beat Jinder in a 10 minute match that went 10 minutes too long. It was bad, sluggish and should have never happened on a PPV! Then Big Show came out and destroyed Rusev.

Skip ahead to the main event and 50 year old part timer Goldberg beat young up and coming champ Kevin Owens in 22 seconds. An absolute joke that has lots of people angry, Owens deserves so much more and instead he didn’t even put up a fight.

Smackdown live is simply the better show it’s hard to even argue anymore. Especially after Fastlane, Raw may need to take a page from Smackdowns book and start using their young superstars rather than use guys who aren’t nearly as good as who they’re beating.

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Warriors Discuss: Blue Brand is Best