Date or No Date, Have Prom Confidence

Hailey Emerson, Staff

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It’s almost prom season so it’s time to start looking for dresses, suits, and maybe a date? Prom is a more mature, formal dance traditionally looked at as a date night for upperclassmen. Do you really need a date though? Prom is about having fun with your friends and enjoying your last couple years of high school. Be prom confident and realize you don’t need a date!

Bryce McCown, a senior at Havre De Grace High School, opinion on a date is, “You should have a picture date, you definitely need someone to take a picture with but at the dance you should go your separate ways because you don’t want to be with the same person the whole night. It’s more fun to dance with other people.”

Naim Collins, senior, claims having a date depends on your year. He said, “My senior year no but my junior year yeah.”

Gabby Ennesser, a junior at Havre De Grace High School, says about dates, “I feel like it depends because if you go with a guy who’s your friend that’s cool but also going as a group is fun too. Going to prom alone is weird. I’m stressing about finding a date”

Marcus Johnson, a junior at Havre De Grace High School, said, “It feels better to have somebody to be with cause prom isn’t just a regular school dance.”

Most students are against going completely alone. While it may be lonely to go all by yourself, going with your friends is fun and is recommended. Going with a date isn’t all that, prom is a dance to celebrate the end of the year and the end of your high school career. Going with a date can be fun but be confident in going by yourself with friends.

Havre De Grace High School’s prom is being held on May 6th, 2017 at Ripken Stadium. This gives plenty of time to find a date or group of friends to dance the night away with at prom!

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