Spring Sports Begin at HdG

Kayla Sumpter and Nancy Arriata-Romero

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Now that the weather is getting warmer, Havre de Grace High School students are getting prepared and excited to try out for spring sports. On March 1st, all students that wished had the opportunity to present them selves and show of their skills to the coaches for the first day of try outs of the sport of their choosing.

Mikey Flosser is excited to be able to play for Havre de Graces baseball team during his senior year. He looks forward to, “Playing with a good group of guys and trying to win some baseball games.” He believes that it will be a successful season for the team because of their experience. Junior Clay Harris looks forward to being a new part of the Warriors team. When asked about his experience on the first day of try outs he responded with,”It’s a lot different with different players and coaches and just different characters in the team, I believe this season will be successful.”

Senior Danny Mattei also shared his thoughts on how the tennis team’s season will go. He said that he is looking forward to “Play[ing] other people, looking for big wins this year a lot of new people coming out.” Mattei said the first day of practice gave the team a “good touch” of what the game is going to be about.

Will Ashman, senior on the track team has “hopes for the team to get to states and championships and be in at least the top 5.” The first day of practice the team assessed everyone to see their weaknesses and strengths. Will Ashman believes it will be a successful season for the team due to the appearance of people from the football team and a lot of new athletes that are joining the team.

For the boys lacrosse team, junior Sean Greely is “looking forward to working well as a team.” Kyle Cameron, also a junior on the team agreed that he felt it would be a successful year. Although he had different thoughts on how the first day of practice went. He stated, “The first day of practice wasn’t as successful as they [coaches] wanted it to be. We were missing a few guys, but the past week or so we’ve been getting better practice.” Although the team is aware of some flaws, they seem to feel confident with what the end result of the team will be.

As for the girls lacrosse team senior, Rachel Wilson is also confident in the success that the team will bring for the season. She is looking forward to spending time with her friends as well as “getting better and bonding.” In regards to the first day of practice Rachel said, “the first day of practice was fun and made me excited for the season.”

All students are excited for the season in the spring sports. The Warriors hope for a successful season and are confident in their ability to achieve their goal.

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