HHS Student Section Brings Warrior Pride to the Courts

Bay Wettig, Staff

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Walking into the gymnasium at Havre de Grace High School during a men’s basketball game, fans will hear a roaring thunder of cheers by students dressed as hot dogs, Jedi, or a sea of white.  The students who participate in the Student Section for home basketball games were a vital part of the basketball team’s winning season.

The Warriors Student Section participated in 12 games this 2016-17 season, and could be found crowded under the “Home of the Warriors” sign painted on the gymnasium wall.

Jared Graybeal, Junior, shares what he likes most about the student section. “Definitely the camaraderie of the students coming together and having student section. Also supporting the team and helping them through the ups and downs.” Graybeal came to every game this season, he wasn’t there to play games either. He was always ready to start chants sitting in the middle of the front row. Graybeal also decided most of the themes for the student section.

Matt Hauf, sophomore, came to many games this year. He said his favorite part of the student section was, “Annoying players and getting gum thrown at me. Being able to encourage my school and influence the game with my entertaining cheers.” He showed true Warrior spirit when it came to the basketball games. Hauf even wore a wig to every game which left many opponents confused.

Matt Laubner was one of the loudest ones in the student section and he’s only a freshman. Matt loved, “Not getting in trouble for yelling all the time, wearing all the cool costumes, and the creative themes….having flicks for the IG (pictures for Instagram).” Laubner also remembers the success of, “Having the signature sea cucumber chant during free throws. Seeing Kenny Sumpter dunk and everyone in the section going crazy. Losing my voice because its worth it for my school and my team.”

Notable costumes for the season included: a GCW wrestler, a bee keeper, a hot dog, and a whole fraternity.  The Havre de Grace Warriors Student Section is like no other, and no doubt played a part in the success of the Havre de Grace Warriors Basketball team’s playoff run.

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