Should HHS Start a Snowflake Court?

Jade Smith and Katie Klisavage

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“I think there should be a winter formal court because it gives students something to look forward to.” Said Alex Tomarchio, a sophomore at Havre de Grace High School.

With the new tradition of a winter formal dance occurring for the second time this year, the question of whether there should be a winter formal court or not has been brought up by some students.

While there is currently no court for the Winter Formal that will be taking place on January 28th at 7pm, some students have strong opinions on if there should be a “snowflake” court.

“I think a winter formal court would divide the school, it would be unfair and also take away from homecoming.” Said sophomore Jesse Fenner.

Some students believed the prospect of a separate court for winter formal was useless, such as sophomore Cameron Routh who stated, “There is a homecoming king and queen already. It would be pointless because it doesn’t matter, and you don’t really get anything from it.”

Some students believe that HHS having a homecoming court and a prom court is enough. While some believed a winter formal court would be a way to include all grade levels.

When asked about the requirements for a hypothetical Snowflake court Tomarchio stated, “It should be anyone, maybe even having a separate court for every grade level with the average requirements like a 3.0 GPA and no referrals.”

With varying opinions the possibility of a “snowflake” court may lead to change in the future. Though for the 2017 Winter Formal there will be no court.

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