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Ravens Rise Brings Warrior Pride

Havre de Grace High School wins the Ravens Rise contest for this week's homecoming game.

Dennis Shepard

Havre de Grace High School wins the Ravens Rise contest for this week's homecoming game.

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“It feels good to get recognition because we’re a small school in a small town,” said senior quarterback Mikey Flosser before the Ravens Rise Homecoming Game.

This Friday at Havre de Grace High School the Warriors will face off against the North Harford Hawks in their homecoming game. In addition to the excitement of the homecoming game the Warriors and Hawks have won the Ravens Rise High School Football Showdown.

The Baltimore Ravens and The Baltimore Sun have teamed up together to give students across the state the opportunity to have the Ravens cheerleaders and the mascot Poe at one game during the season. Each school will also receive 1,000 dollars for their athletic department.

The Warriors and The Hawks won this opportunity by voting through the Baltimore Sun website, gaining over 160,000 votes between both communities.

The students at Havre de Grace High School are buzzing with excitement over this special Homecoming Game.

Immanuel McFarland, senior and starting receiver at Havre de Grace, was asked how he thought the attention will affect the game. He said, “I think if a lot of people are in the stands they will give us more motivation… If they give us attention we will play better.”

Alex Cardwell, junior on the Varisty Football team said, “A lot of people are going to come out, and it will be exciting to have the ravens cheerleaders at our school.”

Thomas Crites, defensive tackle on the Varsity Football team was asked “How do you feel about the attention that the ravens rise will bring?” He responded with,  “I think it will bring the team together and it will show the team how important this game is. We are going to get the same attention as last year so it will get the team hyped up.”

The interview with Crites continued, and he was asked how he felt it would affect him personally as a player to which he replied, “We have so much going on at once that I am going to have to bring my A game.”

Crites also added, ” I am expecting a full crowd, I mean we have the pep rally then a parade and after that walk right down the street and enjoy a good game.”

Danny Mattei, a band member, and an excited senior at Havre de Grace High School, when asked to give his thoughts on Havre de Grace winning the Ravens Rise competition replied with, “It’s great…shout out to everyone that voted, but there will be nothing new, we are still going out there were going to play our jams, its all going to be great. Mr. Hauf is going to put on a good show. Students, make sure to sit next to the band and make a student section.”

Brad Spence, assistant principal at Havre de Grace High School, was asked what the money won in the contest would fund. He said, “It is designated for the athletic department for Havre de Grace high school, so it will go into the general athletic fund and from there dispersed as Mrs.Crawford and Mr. Reynolds see as necessary.”

Heather Crawford, Athletic director at Havre de Grace High School, said, “It’s going go right back to the football team, for the coaches to decide what they will go towards.”

Alex Spooner, longtime history teacher at Havre de Grace High School, spoke of this historic opportunity for the school. “I think probably more than anything else I just love the opportunity for kids to see and experience things they wouldn’t see on a normal basis.”

Spooner said the last the  time the High School has an opportunity like this was in 1979 when congressmen came and spoke to the students.

This Home Coming game will surely be a historic event for the students at Havre de Grace High.

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Ravens Rise Brings Warrior Pride